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  PwC Webinar | Permanent establishments in Austria – Opportunities and risks    
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In a digital age, many employees can work from anywhere in the world and are no longer limited by an office desk. However, these new opportunities also bring new risks. 

In Austria, payroll accounting regulations will change as of 1.1.2020, with significant implications for companies domiciled abroad.

In our free PwC Webinar on 5 December 2019, we will give you an overview of the latest developments, with a focus on the creation of PEs in Austria. The webinar will cover the following topics:
  • PE risks from employee assignments to Austria
  • PE risks from home office activities and activities of a managing director
  • Payroll accounting obligation without a PE
Register now – and learn more about how you can identify high-risk cases, plan international employee assignments, and effectively manage PE risks.

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